Single Version Of Windows 9 To Work On All Platforms

Windows 8 Versions

Features Of Windows 8

Everyone is anticipating the release of Windows 9 operating system by the end of this year. There have been many rumors about the features included in this operating system. However, now we have some official words from Microsoft on the operating system. According to the CEO of the company, Satya Nadella, its new operating system would be released only in one version and this version would be capable of working on any platform.

So, what does one version for all platforms really means? Earlier, we have seen different Windows 8 versions for different platforms. For instance, you can find Windows RT for ARM architecture, Windows 8 for x86 architecture, Windows Phone 8 for Smartphones etc. That is, each of these Windows 8 versions was aimed for a different platform. However, with Windows 9, Microsoft is ending this procedure. With the new operating system, you would only find one version and this would be capable of running on any of the platforms.

How is this new technique going to benefit the operating system? Earlier, the developers had to release separate versions of apps for the operating systems. That is, the apps developed for Windows 8 desktop operating system is not going to work on your Windows Phone 8. The number of apps available for Windows versions was therefore much lower when compared to the apps available in Apple Store and Google’s Play Store.

Windows RT

Windows 8 Upgrade

Microsoft hopes that with the new feature of Windows 9, we might soon see large number of apps being developed for the platform. Google already implemented this feature with the help of the Chrome platform. Chrome OS is capable of running in different platforms. For instance, you can run the operating system on Samsung Chromebooks, which has Exynos processors installed. The operating system can also run on Chromebooks running with Intel processors. However, when it comes to features, Chrome OS is no match for Windows operating systems or Chrome operating systems.

We will have to wait for a few more months to find out how the new operating system would perform on different platforms. It seems that Microsoft is fully confident of the operating system and is all set for the release. Since developers no more have the troubles of creating separate programs for different platforms, we might see the release of large number of apps and programs soon after the release of the Windows 9 operating system.

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Recovering Windows Passwords For Windows 8, 7, Vista And XP

Windows 8 Versions

            Versions Of Windows 8

Most of the Windows users think that if they forget their passwords for Windows PCs, they need to reinstall the operating systems fully. But this is not the actual case as it can be recovered easily by following the below given set of instructions from the Windows tech support team. The below given instructions is applicable to recover passwords in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and other Windows 8 versions.

Creating a Windows Security password Restoration Disk

  • Try to get and save the totally reset Windows Security password self-extracting Zip data file to to another PC that is accessible followed by extracting the ISO picture file.
  • Then, you need to put an empty CD or DVD in to the CD ROM of your computer.
  • Get and install the CD/DVD recording software, which is available for free. After that, launch the system.
  • Now, use your Browse button to choose the ISO data file and to write the ISO picture back to the empty CD or DVD by selecting the Begin Burn key.

Modifying settings for BIOS

  • Start your PC that is closed. In order to enter in to the BIOS set up utility, you need to check the boot screen for the installation key when the closed PC is powered on.
  • To select the Boot tab, use the pointer keys and then change the Begin System Priority: Set 1st Begin System to CDROM.
  • To save the changes you have made, press the key called F10.

Recovering Windows Password

  • Put the Windows password recovery drive that you have made in to the CD drive of your closed computer.
  • You will be reaching the main window of the totally reset Windows Security password system when the system begins to load on the closed computer.

    Windows Tech Support

                 Windows 8 Recovery

  • From the list, select the Windows consideration and to reset the password as empty, you need to select the Totally Reset key.

Once you have completed the above given steps, you can remove the password recovery drive and restart your computer. Now, you do not need to enter the password for your system in order to log in to your PC.

These above said instructions are very easy to follow and can be accomplished within minutes, making it easy for any users to complete the process of recovering Windows passwords for Windows 7, Vista and XP. Moreover, you can also apply these steps to recover passwords for Windows 8 versions.

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Install Updates On Windows 8.1 Now To Receive Later Updates

Windows 8 Versions

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Mandatory

If any of your electronic devices runs on Windows 8.1, you might want to update it as soon as possible because Microsoft will pull the plug on all future updates if your system did not install the latest April Windows 8.1 update. Yes, this update is mandatory for Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1 RT, which means even your hand-held mobile devices should be updated.

Microsoft received a lot of flak when it first suggested that the April update will have a deadline till May and Microsoft will stop enabling software updates for Windows 8.1 users who failed to update on time. Because of the public outcry, Microsoft pushed back the cut-off date all the way back to June 10. Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc wrote in Microsoft’s official blog post saying, “While we believe the majority of people have received the update, we recognize that not all have. Having our customers running their devices with the latest updates is super important to us. And we’re committed to helping ensure their safety.”

However, this mandatory update is only applicable for one of the Windows 8 versions, namely, the Windows 8.1 operating system. Windows 8 and Windows 7 users will continue to receive all future updates. Moreover, this requirement is only outlined for individuals running this operating system version. Windows 8.1 Enterprise version can pull back the Update 1 installation until August 12.

User-Driven Changes

Update Windows 8.1 Soon

There is no reason for you to delay since this update brings in a lot of new performance upgrades and solves many issues that were prevalent in the previous versions. Windows 8.1 update 1 features a lot of subtle changes that are based on feedback-based user-driven changes that has made the entire operating system better. This update is especially attractive for standard mouse-and-keyboard users who do not have a touch screen display. The user interface, which has no major changes from the previous versions, has still managed to impress nonprofessional and expert users alike.

If you still run any of the old Windows 8 versions, you have only yourself to blame. Even though Microsoft had completely botched up the operating system, it has been making progress in the right direction with every update. Some rumors are even ripe that the next update for Windows 8.1 will even feature a classic style Start Menu for Desktop users. If you have still not updated, go to the Windows Update located inside the Update and Recovery windows opened from inside the Settings. If there is an update labeled KB 2919355, you haven’t updated your operating system. Clicking on this option will automatically install the updates.

Do not miss out on further security patches, bug fixes and new features by refusing to install this update!

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August Update Also Comes With Glitches

Downloading Windows 8

     How To Download Windows 8

Recently, Microsoft put forth a new condition for downloading and installing updates in Windows 8.1. Users are supposed to install all updates in order to be able to download and install any new update. In fact, many of the users weren’t aware of this requirement. Many were shocked when they realized that they have to go back to the previously missed updates to be able to download the recently issued July update. The July update contained critical updates for Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications.

What made Microsoft tighten the Windows update requirements?

It appears that the tech giant is tightening its liberal stands for Windows update. Although users were advised to set Automatic Windows Update on in previous versions, it wasn’t mandatory. Users were free to set Windows Update off. Most users downloaded the updates once in a while. Microsoft hasn’t yet given any explanation for its quick decision to make Windows update mandatory.

Windows update glitches continue

It is not always necessary that the mandatory Windows update should work well for you. There have been numerous cases lately where users were having trouble in their PCs after installing latest Windows updates. To get rid of the issue, users are requested to uninstall the update and then wait until the flawless update is out. Unsurprisingly, most people are confused and apprehensive about downloading Windows 8 updates because they don’t know if they have to uninstall it due to glitches.

August Update no free from glitches

Windows Update Glitches

      Windows 8 Update

The much awaited August update (Windows 8.1 Update 2) for Windows 8.1 is also reported to have problems that many users who installed it had to uninstall it instantly. When the issue with the update was brought to the attention of the tech giant, it removed it from the website. Users are requested now to wait for the release of the overhauled update.

Meanwhile, a special team appointed by Microsoft to investigate the causes of Windows update glitches pointed out that the issue was associated with the installation behaviour. The team observed that the issue didn’t affect everyone but a few. The cases of every update issue will be analysed independently in order to see what went wrong- the team added.

Experts are of the opinion of that the mandatory Windows update is not a solution to the problems. Users should be given the freedom to choose when they must be downloading Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 updates.

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