August Update Also Comes With Glitches

Downloading Windows 8

     How To Download Windows 8

Recently, Microsoft put forth a new condition for downloading and installing updates in Windows 8.1. Users are supposed to install all updates in order to be able to download and install any new update. In fact, many of the users weren’t aware of this requirement. Many were shocked when they realized that they have to go back to the previously missed updates to be able to download the recently issued July update. The July update contained critical updates for Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications.

What made Microsoft tighten the Windows update requirements?

It appears that the tech giant is tightening its liberal stands for Windows update. Although users were advised to set Automatic Windows Update on in previous versions, it wasn’t mandatory. Users were free to set Windows Update off. Most users downloaded the updates once in a while. Microsoft hasn’t yet given any explanation for its quick decision to make Windows update mandatory.

Windows update glitches continue

It is not always necessary that the mandatory Windows update should work well for you. There have been numerous cases lately where users were having trouble in their PCs after installing latest Windows updates. To get rid of the issue, users are requested to uninstall the update and then wait until the flawless update is out. Unsurprisingly, most people are confused and apprehensive about downloading Windows 8 updates because they don’t know if they have to uninstall it due to glitches.

August Update no free from glitches

Windows Update Glitches

      Windows 8 Update

The much awaited August update (Windows 8.1 Update 2) for Windows 8.1 is also reported to have problems that many users who installed it had to uninstall it instantly. When the issue with the update was brought to the attention of the tech giant, it removed it from the website. Users are requested now to wait for the release of the overhauled update.

Meanwhile, a special team appointed by Microsoft to investigate the causes of Windows update glitches pointed out that the issue was associated with the installation behaviour. The team observed that the issue didn’t affect everyone but a few. The cases of every update issue will be analysed independently in order to see what went wrong- the team added.

Experts are of the opinion of that the mandatory Windows update is not a solution to the problems. Users should be given the freedom to choose when they must be downloading Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 updates.

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Reinstalling Usb Drivers In Windows 8

Windows 8 Drivers

           Windows 8 System

When it comes to storage, people prefer carrying around USB drives which are portable and lightweight. There are different USB drives with different capacities; hence, you can choose a pen drive or a USB drive accordingly. We cannot even imagine a situation wherein we do not have the facility to use the pen drive. When the PC does not have the required drivers then they would not be able to recognize the device inserted. Here are some instructions to follow that would help you fix this issue. These steps are for the missing Windows 8 drivers.


  • Turn On the Windows 8 PC and press the key combinations Win + Q. This would launch the search options in the Windows 8.
  • In the space to type, enter Control Panel and hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • From the different options available in the Control Panel window, choose Hardware And Sound.
  • Under Devices And Printers, in the fresh window, click on Device Manager. When you get a prompt from the User-Access Control, click on Yes or Continue.
  • Click on the Tiny Arrow that lays next to the option Universal Serial Bus controllers so that you can Expand the Options, when the device-manager opens.
  • From the different options that you get to see, click on the option that says USB root Hub. Choose Update Software from the context menu.
  • In the next window, you will get to search for a driver on the internet or on your computer. If you are not sure about this, you can choose the option that says Search Automatically for updated driver software.

    Device Manager

                      Windows Vista Help

  • This would take some time until it completes the search and finds suitable Windows 8 drivers that are compatible with the computer. This would also re-install the same that would take few more minutes, at the end of which you will be able to use the USB drive on your computer.

Note: Another way to get into the device-manager is by typing devmgmt.msc in the Run window, as it would directly take you to the Device Manager without going into the Control Panel.

With the above step, you can locate USB drivers as well as other drivers that go missing from the computer. While searching for a driver, you can choose to find it over the internet or from the driver CD that you got with the OS. However, not all purchase Windows 8 as a CD, so use all your resources to do the same.

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Windows 8.1 Upgrade Is Simpler Than You Think, See How It Works

Downloading Windows 8

                Install Windows 8

Windows 8.1 Update, codenamed KB2919355, is an update that Microsoft released in October 2013. The update is said to fix many of the controversial Windows 8 problems and adds a list of new features and improvements to the operating system. Windows 8.1 update comes as a free update to the existing users of Windows 8 with a valid product key. If you haven’t installed Windows 8 in your PC or don’t have a valid Windows 8 product key, you are supposed to buy a Windows 8.1 license and then go for a fresh installation of the latest OS. Downloading Windows 8 is not necessary as you can directly download and install Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store.

Windows 8.1 features

Windows 8.1 is an improved version of Windows 8. Therefore, most of the basic Windows 8 features remain without changes in Windows 8.1. However, remarkable improvements can be found in every feature of the operating system. For instance, the search option is streamlined to help you find apps and settings instantly. If Windows 8 made you confused while using it with keyboard and mouse, Windows 8.1 removes the reasons for all confusion by introducing familiar keyboard and mouse options.

Installing Windows 8.1

Microsoft explains that Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 8.1 directly. Windows 8 RT users are also given the instant upgrade option. All you need to do is to back up your data in the PC and then go to Windows Store. Choose the tile labelled Windows 8.1 Update and then follow the prompts.

System requirements for Windows 8.1

Microsoft hasn’t made any changes in the system requirements for Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. In short, Windows 8.1 system requirements are same as that of Windows 8. However, if you are currently using any other operating system, say Windows 7, be reminded to check your PC’s hardware configuration.

Windows Store

               Windows 8 Help

Can Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 8.1?

As per Microsoft’s upgrade policy, you are allowed upgrade to the next closest operating system without making any changes to the installed programs and data. As Windows 7 is not the subsequent operating system to Windows 8.1, you are not allowed to upgrade your Windows 7 directly to Windows 8.1.

Firstly, you are required downloading Windows 8 and then installing it. Thereafter, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1. You make the process quite simpler by going for a fresh installation of Windows 8.1.

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What Windows 8 Brings In, And What Windows 7 Had

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

                    Windows Iterations

What’s the thing you most hate about Windows 8? Of itself, it’s pretty much a useful OS, so there’s no real cause to outright despise it. However, when you consider that it’s in the Windows line, and how many people around the world grew used to the Windows iterations that came before, you’ll see why they resent it. Let’s appraise Windows 7 vs Windows 8 for a better understanding.

A lot of confusion

The Start button has always been there in the lower left corner of a Windows system, offering a way into the Start menu, users’ lighthouse on the lonely seas of boredom. When you consider Windows 7 vs Windows 8, what strikes you first and hardest is the absence of that Start button. There’s no such option here, but only a tile-based Start Screen.

Turning your PC off doesn’t begin with the Start menu, as it did in Windows 7. There, you had the shutdown option when you hit the Windows icon, but in Windows 8, you have to go to either the lower right or the upper left corner, and click Settings on the slide-out. Then you hit the Power button and choose the shutdown option. Definitely a longer process than before.

The aero/transparency was ebbed a bit in Windows 8 so that the computer now uses less power. The only difference in Windows 7 was that you could choose to do this. There’s no more of the Flip 3D option either, which allowed the user to switch windows using Windows key + Tab. Admittedly this wasn’t an overly popular option to begin with, but was cool. In Windows 8, you have a Modern app switcher instead, which you can’t use to toggle desktop apps, but only to go to the desktop.

Start Screen

                  Windows Versions

Adding to that, there is no provision to play DVDs on a windows 8 machine, unless you have the software installed. If you are thinking Windows Media Player, it is exactly what won’t help you, because they have taken out support for DVDs in WMP. Apparently, DVD is close to getting obsolete; still, you can use a program like VLC to work around that.

That was a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison with emphasis on the features in the latter, which contributed for it being more confusing. Traditional users do not seem like migrating to the ‘modern’ platform any sooner, but the end-of-support for Windows XP and Windows 7 – which is due in a few months from now – will surely try to force them.

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