Compatibility of Windows 8 drivers and the Driver Detective app

Windows 8 drivers

Windows 8 driver compatibility

The biggest problems faced by computer users are the issues between device drivers and operating systems. Mostly, when the operating system is updated or upgraded, or when the program is updated, the device associated may show compatibility issues. These may end up in serious trouble, if not taken care of. Until Windows 7 operating system, users were bound to have compatible drivers for each device that is compatible with the operating system. Understanding the issues caused to the users by this rule, Microsoft changed the driver protocol for Windows 8 operating system.

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is a reconstruction product of Windows 7. Also, the IT giant assured that all the apps and devices of Windows 7 will be compatible with the new OS. However, in reality, the idea does not fuse well. If you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you will have to upgrade your existing drivers to Windows 8 drivers as well. Devices that were working fine in Windows 7 will fail to perform in the beta editions of the new operating system. One good thing about Microsoft products are that there are ways for getting out of trouble- whether it be by hook or crook. The updated drivers can be downloaded and run the Troubleshoot Compatibility wizard and install them. This will work fine for almost all of the drivers and devices.

Driver detection by Driver Detective app

Troubleshoot Compatibility, though it’s a good option, may not be always feasible. Here comes the importance of a new app called Driver Detective. This is free beta version software of Windows 8. This app will search for compatible drivers that can help in the smooth and fast functioning of the system. The company offers only the beta version for free; otherwise it is a paid product.

Driver detective app

Windows 8 driver compatibility

The beta version of Driver Detective is fully functional and all peripheral devices can be tested for compatibility with the operating system. The app will search for compatible drivers for network devices, printers and other devices and will install them. They will be installing the drivers in the original form- as the manufacturers are giving them. Thus, the integrity and functionality of the drivers are ensured.

Since the program is in the beta form, it may display some unexpected issues. The final paid version, however will be perfect.