Download Windows 8 drivers for Video, Audio and Network

If you are interested in downloading the developer preview of Windows 8, visit the website for the Windows development center where you will be provided with a link to download the Windows 8 developer preview. Because of the fact that the developer preview is free to download, thousands of downloads happen every day as people are anxious to have a go at the new OS. For the smooth functioning of the Windows 8 developer preview, you need to have essential Windows 8 drivers for devices like video card, audio, network etc. This article contains information to download Windows 8 drivers for Video card.

Downloading instructions

Communication between your software and hardware will not go smoothly if you don’t have the necessary devices drivers installed on your computer. Usually, you can download the drivers from the device manufactures website, since the final version of Windows 8 is yet to happen, you might find it difficult to find Window 8 drivers for all your devices. Given below are the instructions which will assist you downloading Windows 8 drivers for your Video card.

  1. Start off this procedure by downloading Vidia Driver 270.61 WHQL. Users of Vidia GPUs can download version 270.61 of WHQL driver or the beta driver 270.51 which works perfectly with Windows 8.
  2. For graphics download AMD Catalyst 11.4 display driver for Windows 8. This offers great GPU performance and gaming experience.
  3. After downloading both the above mentioned drives, then go-ahead with installing it. Before installing make sure that you have uninstalled the old drivers.

Like you download drivers for video and graphic card, you can also download Windows 8 drivers for sound, wireless and network.

That’s all with the information about downloading Windows 8 drivers for video and graphics.