How to Reinstall Windows 8 Drivers for USB using Device Manager

Windows 8 Drivers

Reinstalling USB Drivers

Before we get on with the task, let us first briefly discuss the application and functionality of USB compatibility and supported Windows 8 drivers. Also note that the Device Manager is a powerful tool by Microsoft which can be employed in reinstalling drivers back to your Windows operating computer.

What are USB drivers?

Now every device connected to your computer always has a separate driver supporting their functionality and its successful application. And as such, your computer then communicates with the same external device and makes it work for you. Your computer’s USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is always inclusive of a USB driver solely for this purpose.

However, unintentional mistakes and accidents tend to happen every now and then, even though by default, every operating system has a built-in USB. Such can be the case when you unknowingly uninstall the same or while configuring other hardware changes to your machine which directly results in its failure to recognize your USB device that has been plugged into the USB port.

So it is for such conditions that the support team with Windows 8 suggests you reinstall the same driver back to your computer by following a few simple steps it has formulated below. Let us take a look shall we?

Reinstalling Windows 8 Drivers for USB using Device Manager

The steps are as given below:

Windows 8 Drivers

Reinstalling USB Drivers

  1. To first begin with, the team suggests that you close and exit all programs and applications that might still be up and running on your computer. This is to provide maximum system performance executing the task.
  2. Following which get on Windows desktop, then press the keys “Windows” + “R” simultaneously from your keyboard so as to open the “Run” prompt.
  3. Once you have it up on your screen, type “Devmgmt.msc” into its box and then hit “Enter”. This will launch device manager and its window.
  4. The team then suggests you expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.
  5. Now if in case you have any problems with your USB device, the same will be prompted by an alert icon with a yellow exclamation mark.
  6. So proceed by right clicking on the option “USB Root Hub” and then select “Update Driver Software”. This will display a new window through which you can have the Windows 8 drivers for your USB updated.
  7. All you have to do now is simply select the correct option in reinstalling the driver

This completes our steps with the team in reinstalling the Windows 8 drivers for your USB device.