Installing Windows 8 Drivers on Samsung XE700T1A

Windows 8, by virtue of the extensive promises made by Microsoft and the exciting glimpses provided by its Developer Preview, has by now become the most debated topic in the computing world. As we eagerly await the most promising OS of the times, there’s indeed quite a lot to know about. The latest news in this regard is unfortunately about a few issues surrounding Windows 8 drivers. Reports say that users encountered issues wherein the motion sensor and touch screen of their Samsung XE700T1A tablet PCs failed to prove well after installing Windows 8.


Samsung XE700T1A tablet PCs that hitherto functioned well in terms of motion sensitivity on Windows 7, failed altogether after the installation of Windows 8. Normally the tablet PC in question when turned in the portrait orientation, is supposed to detect the motion and rotate. Unfortunately running on Windows 8 developer preview, it fell well short of doing so.

Diagnoses and a Failed Resolution Attempt

Our experts tried to rectify the issue by means of the Device Manager, wherein they were able to detect two peculiarities. While one was identified as SM Bus, the other one was an unrecognized component. The next step resorted to was downloading and installing the XE700T1A- A03 driver prescribed for motion sensing. However, the attempt was a failure, as an error was thrown up saying that an unsupported OS is being used, also indicating that the driver was coded exclusively for Windows 7 and that it won’t work with Windows 8 drivers.

So what Resolved?

Nevertheless, Microsoft claims that anything supported by Windows 7 would get along well with Windows 8 as well. Hence the next plausible resolution was rectifying the issue via Troubleshoot Compatibility. Our experts went through the menus to configure the Setup application to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode, whereby the driver had got installed. Well, that wasn’t enough to enable rotation capability, calling for a few more troubleshooting steps as follows:

  1. Search for Charm, followed by “Settings”.
  2. Select “Orientation” and click on “Change Screen Resolution’.
  3. Check the option “Allow Screen to Auto-Rotate”.
  4. Click on “OK”.

The SM Bus Mystery

As mentioned earlier, the SM Bus error was indicated in the Device Manager, which could be easily resolved somehow or the other. Downloading and installing XE700T1A- A03- which was done in the previous section sufficed to resolve the issue completely.

Well, that’s all for now about Windows 8 Drivers.

To know more, feel free to get in touch with Windows 8 support.