Windows 8 devices to outperform iPad/iPhone

Along with generic support for Windows 8 drivers, the new operating system from Microsoft has several other changes that redefine the way we approach personal computing which is, in lots of ways, better than Apple’s iOS.

Starting screen

Both iOS and Windows 8 begins with a screen that displays applications that are installed on your computer. But Windows 8 does it better by allowing you to organize, re-order and navigate especially by using semantic zoom whereas iOS is still stuck with shiny 3D icons that are poorly organized.

Better gestures

To begin with, Apple’s iOS bought in some complex touch gestures to the mainstream while Windows 8 took it to an entirely new level. In Windows 8 it’s very easy to multi-task with gestures and switch between applications.

Social integration at its best

As far as updating the age-old address book is concerned, the People application on Windows 8 is probably the best development that Microsoft has made on its new operating system. This trend has been started by Google’s Android and many phone manufactures have given it a try but only Microsoft was successful at it. It integrates everything from contacts, chats, emails, text messages, social network updates and information, all in one place for easy access. It was first implemented on Windows phone and then adapted by the Windows 8 operating system. This whole concept is one of the best ways to keep track of your friends and family.

Quick access to critical functions

The process of swiping in Windows 8 to get “Charms” is a much easier way of accessing system settings and other critical functions than it is in iOS. With Apple, you will be required to exit the current application and then bring out settings to do the required changes.

There are a lot more things to be discussed here but the bottom line is, with things remaining the same, Windows is clearly more innovative than the iOS. So if you are trying to make a decision, I will recommend you to take a look at the Windows 8 consumer preview. Microsoft released this version of Windows 8 a couple of months before as a free download.  Installing it on your PC will help you get a better understanding about Windows 8 and what to expect in its final version, which comes full with Windows 8 drivers and more.

That’s all with the information on how Windows 8 devices are expected to outperform iPad/iPhone. Have a nice day.