Windows 8 Drivers & Connectivity

‘Stay Connected’- thus goes the adage since the advent of the internet. In what all ever ways be an operating system innovated, it would fall well short of being productive, if doesn’t offer adequate options for connectivity. Coming to Windows 8 drivers, there is indeed quite a lot Microsoft has got to boast about in terms of connectivity. Here, the Windows 8 support team gives you a brief account of the various innovations that have been with respect to Wi-Fi and Broadband connectivity in Windows 8.

Wi-Fi in Windows 8

As you might be well aware, Windows 8 is being developed to tailor suit tablet PCs. With regard to Wi-Fi connectivity, the new connectivity capabilities have been enhanced to such high levels that users could exploit to the fullest what Microsoft calls a “a mobile and wireless future”.

Windows 8 largely prioritizes Wi-Fi networks over broadband when any of the former is in range. Through this, Microsoft aims to decrease data storage on mobile networks as well as the costs incurred.

The Mobile Broadband Interface Model

Initial reports say that Microsoft has packed an in-box mobile broadband class driver that ensures support for all required devices and also eliminates the need for installing specific Windows 8 drivers for internet connectivity. The USB Implementers Forum recently approved the Mobile Broadband Interface Model as a standard specification. Consequently, major players in the industry have already begun adopting this standard for their device designs, going to the extent of inspiring other operating systems as well.

As the Windows 8 help team says, users will simply have to plug in the device and connect. The driver will be up to date at all times by virtue of Windows Update, ensuring that users benefit from a reliable mobile broadband experience.

Turn Off when Required 

Another inclusion in Windows that would make connectivity all the more convenient is the facility to turn on and off individual radios, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband or Bluetooth devices. The Airplane mode could be used to disable all of your radios at the same.

Surely, all the above would go a long way in making Windows 8 the most productive computing platform of the future.

That’s all for now about Windows 8.

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