Windows 8 Drivers for a better tomorrow?

Well don’t get all lovey-dovey now, I mean, what can you expect from an intangible piece of tech?

Not much, but, what if these tech pieces are better than the rest. Talk about inevitable evils, things that may not be all an elixir, but that still can’t be substituted. Every metaphor that has lived to this day survived with a duality, like ying and yang, heads or tails et al.

When the computer’s where made, it was quite obvious they were going to eat power, and take the sheer number of these minions all around the world, their numbers mount to millions. But the truth is, we can’t do without them anymore, it has become engraved in the DNA as a life tool. The new age technologies are however making them more efficient. The cumulative efficiency of the millions out there can significantly cause a huge change for the better.

Windows 8 Drivers and reduced consumption

Windows 8 drivers offer reduced consumption of power. The increased efficiency of the system during system idle time, the new improved Metro-style interface and the “Power Engine Plug-Ins” which tailors the OS to SoC devices have been enhanced.

This efficient use of energy can, in course of time, find its way into other consumer-centric tablets. The Microsoft blog for Windows 8, called “Building Windows 8”, has said that the tweak in power is done in three ways. They are

  • Metro-style app model
  • Idle Hygiene
  • Power Management Framework

Metro-style app Model

The touch screen model based Windows has been built from ground zero with the concepts of power efficiency in mind. They have the inbuilt function where they can suspend the background apps, thus resulting in enhanced battery saving.

Idle Hygiene

Aka “Improvements in idle activity”, this increases the time spent in the idle state. The revamped Windows 8 drivers have improved the power framework through a driver called Power Engine Plug-In (PEP).

The optimal battery life and the interoperable features of Windows 8, appeals to both the casual as well as the IT professionals for whatever their use maybe.