Windows 8 drivers for Mac computers

According to the latest reports, Windows 8 has all the necessary components to make it a huge hit. It supports touch screen devices and desktop PCs, laptop offering more flexibility to users. What’s more you can also use Windows 8 in your Mac computer. Yes, it’s true you can run Windows 8 in your Mac computer through the Boot Camp. No matter what OS you are using, you need the appropriate device drivers use it properly. Likewise, you need Windows 8 drivers for Mac computers to run it smoothly. You might not be able to find the exact Windows 8 drivers for all the devices, rather you can run the drivers of the previous version as Windows 8 drivers using the compatibility mode. This option eliminates the issue of unavailability of Windows 8 drivers. This article contains information about Windows 8 drivers for Mac computers.

Details about Windows 8 drivers for Mac computer

To install Window 8 in Mac system, you will need the latest boot camp drivers from Apple. After installing Windows 8 using the boot camp, click on the desktop tile. Now you will be able to see the Windows 7 style desktop. Run “setup.exe” with compatibility settings for Windows 7 from the drive having boot camp drivers. To run it in compatibility mode, right click on “setup.exe” and select “Troubleshoot compatibility”. Click on “Troubleshoot program” when it detects issues.

Mark the check box which says “The program worked in earlier version of Windows but won’t install or run now” and hit “Next”. Select “Windows 7” and run it in compatibility by clicking “Next”.

Run through the boot camp wizard and reboot when it is completed. Now all your drivers will work as Windows 8 drivers.

Hope this article on Windows 8 drivers for Mac has helped you.