Windows 8 Drives and Optical Drives

It seems that Microsoft has already anticipated the death of the disc drive in Windows 8 much earlier with advancements like the Optical drive in MacBook Air. The Redmond Company is adding native Explorer support for ISO and VHD files in Windows 8. This will benefit the users by removing the necessity requiring a physical CD-ROM or DVD drive in their systems. However, this doesn’t mean that Windows 8 PCs will lack optical drives.

Are Optical Drives required?

You can experience the optical drive benefits in Windows 8 if one is included. It’s not necessarily Microsoft building the PCs, so the OEMs are to decide whether or not they should build the PC with optical drives. From the developer’s point of view, optical drives are unnecessary these days; they don’t have much use that may not be replaced by other technologies. But people still consider them important.

If Microsoft plans to avoid the need for optical drives, it’ll become necessary for users to transfer their music, image and other files over a network. This would mean that the Explorer must enable Rapid file transfer. For now, the greatest thing in Explorer that frustrates any user is that, in the Vista timeframe, file copy jobs becomes extremely slow at times. It is expected that instead of adding beauty to stuffs and making them attractive (with a ribbon); the developers make them really fast, relieving the users from that long neck-wracking experience.

Are new Windows 8 drivers necessary?

Windows 8 will emerge as an upgrade to its predecessor, Windows 7. Now, this will be a relief for users to know that many of the Windows 8 drivers will be compatible with Windows 7 machines too. Indeed you can manage or adjust with Windows 7 drivers for the new Windows 8 OS if it goes well with your new operating system.

Windows 8 transfer

One major flaw in all previous versions of Windows operating systems were the time estimates for the copy or transfer jobs. Until now, Windows displayed a copy dialog giving the remaining time estimates for the transfer jobs ongoing, which were never reliable. At one time it showed “1 hour remaining”, the very next moment this would be reduced to 30 minutes. This made the transfer dialogs in previous Windows versions just worthless! However, this is greatly improved in Windows 8 with the new Windows 8 transfer that shows the speed of copying rather than the remaining time.