ZTE mobile broadband card for Windows 8

Windows 8 is the upcoming operating system of Microsoft. It contains lots of attractive features including native support for mobile broadband. This means that you can plug in any mobile broadband device and access internet without installing additional software, taking the mobile broadband experience to an entirely different level. This article contains information regarding the same.

Announcement from ZTE

ZTE has made an announcement recently that its MF668 data card will work great with Windows 8 by taking advantage of the Windows 8 drivers for mobile broadband. MF668A data card of ZTE made its first public appearance at the Mobile Word Congress. This data card is based on the new MBIM v1.0 which was approved recently by the USB-IF and provides high speed data transmissions. You will be able to use this device in Windows without installing any other additional software.

Mobile broadband experience made easier

A Windows 8 driver includes some nifty tools which will make the mobile broadband much easier to use. ZTE also stated that the design of mobile broadband class driver will make the drivers and controls on mobile data accouterments a thing of past. Windows 8 will manage all of these and make the entire process of being connected while on the go much easier and simpler.

A smart move By Microsoft

This news from ZTE will result in chip companies getting interested on building mobile silicon directly to Windows 8.  In brief, we will be able to see a future where in all the Windows 8 tablets will have the ability for mobile broadband including Wi-Fi. Because of the kind of expansion witnessed in mobile broadband around the world, one must say that t his was a smarty move from Microsoft. Inclusion of this feature will give Microsoft a clear market advantage over its competitors.

Pushing consumers

Consumers will be tempted to spend more on data because this native support offered by Microsoft and as a result of which there is a possibility of data carriers heavily subsidizing tablets.  Windows 8 tablets will be pushing its consumers for paying to yet another kind of mobile data just like the way iPad has been doing for several years.

That’s all with the information about ZTE mobile broadband card for Windows 8.