Assigning Letters To Windows Drives

Windows 8 drivers

How to assign letters in windows 8 drivers

If you are well versed with drives in computers, you might be aware about drive letters. If you are not aware of it, they are just alphabets that are assigned to different drives whether they are physical or logical.  These alphabets help us to identify the drive pretty easily. Let us check out the different alphabets that are assigned to different Windows 8 drivers.




  • A:   If you have a floppy disk drive in your computer, the letter A is used to denote Floppy Disk Drive.
  • B: If you have more than one or a second floppy disk drive, the letter B is used to denote that drive. But nowadays, you do not find such floppy disk drives like the olden days.
  • C: It is the first hard disk partition and the most important drive in the computer.
  • D to Z: They can consist of other disk partitions in the computer.
  • F: It is a drive which denotes Novell Netware only if you are using the network drive. If you do not have one, it can be treated as one of the other partitions.
  • H: It will be the Home Directory for the server in the network.
  • L:  It is the Load drive that is assigned dynamically.
  • N, O, P: These drives are treated as floating drives.
  • Q: Click to Run virtualizations of Microsoft Office.

These are the different letters and tasks assigned to them. It is possible to change the alphabets that are assigned to the drives in Windows. Let us check the instructions to change them.

assigning letters

Windows 8 drivers and assigning of letters to drives

  • In Windows 7, you can open Run and for Windows 8 drivers, you can click on Windows +R. Here you can type diskmgmt.msc and click on Enter.
  • Now the window of Disk Management will open up. It is possible to change the drive letter by selecting Volume. Now right click and choose Change Drive Letters and Paths.
  • Select Change. A new window will now open up.  You will find the option to provide drive letters to different drives. You just need to scroll and find the complete list of letters. You can select a letter and click on OK. You will receive a warning message.  You can click on Yes and click on Continue.

Once this process is complete, you will find Autoplay which will display the new drive. You can close that window. If the drive or other programs on the drive is opened while renaming, the process would be a failure. You need to close them first.