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Considering the amount of features contained in the Windows 8 operating system, it certainly ranks among the best in the world. Antivirus software creators ESET recently, heaped praise on the latest operating system from Microsoft. The ESET hierarchy was particularly pleased with the way in which the Windows 8 operating system deals with the threats from malicious software such as malwares.

Early Launch Anti-Malware

The Windows operating systems always were known for their security vulnerabilities which were fully capitalized by certain malware perpetrators. Since the Windows operating systems are the most popular operating systems in the world, naturally the scammers and the virus creators targeted the operating system and the Windows operating systems had to faced tough battles to survive.

It is all set to change in the Windows 8 operating systems though, armed with a host of new features and Windows 8 drivers. One such brand new feature in the latest operating system is the integration of Early Launch Anti-Malware into the operating system. One of the features of ELAM is that it ensures the first software driver that loads into Windows 8 will be the driver of a user’s anti-malware software.

In the previous versions of the Windows operating systems, the OS would initiate a random process when it is loading a driver into the system. This could lead to a malware launching first that could then lead to it disabling the security features of the computer.

Aryeh Goretsky, a researcher for a renowned antivirus software

Windows 8 drivers, anti-malware

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company, had the following to say about the integration of Early Launch Anti-Malware into Windows 8, “While the effectiveness of ELAM is yet to be approved, the concept behind it is fundamentally sound and it should prove to be a major deterrence to boot-time malware”. He also stated that, “The technology, however, may need to be periodically updated to overcome existing limitations and provide additional functionality”.

He also warned that, “It has no ability to remove malware. ELAM is strictly a detection technology at this point”. It reiterates the fact that ELAM cannot be used as a single source of protection and that it has to be used along with other security features such as Microsoft’s Windows Defender.

Therefore, while installing software such as Windows 8 drivers for various accessories, make sure that they are obtained from trustworthy sources.

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