How To Install Missing Drivers In Windows 8

Windows 8 milestone

       Windows 8 Operating System

Although a touchscreen oriented platform, Windows 8 is not strange to desktop and laptop users. It is reported that many conventional Windows users are willing to try Windows 8. Certainly, this will be interpreted by most as a Windows 8 milestone.

When you purchase a computing device, probably a desktop or laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled in it, you do not necessarily need to install the drivers. However, if you are upgrading to Windows 8 from your Windows 7 machine, you are required to install the drivers as well. This is true in the case of a clean Windows 8 installation.

When your Windows 8 machine faces unexpected errors from time to time, you can repair such problem by executing a Refresh. In Windows 8 machine, a Refresh would mean changing the settings to its default state. However, after executing the Refresh option, you may have to reinstall some of the drivers.

Default Windows 8 drivers

Another Windows 8 milestone is the default Windows 8 drivers. Microsoft claims that most of the existing devices in a Windows 8 computer can be operated with the support of default drivers in the operating system. Nevertheless, you may have to install extra drivers when a new device is added to the machine.

Windows 8 action centre to for missing drivers

Windows 8 operating system is featured with an advanced option called Windows 8 Action Centre. Experts view that Action Centre is the most convenient way to find out and install missing Windows 8 drivers. Yet do not assume that this is a complicated task to execute.

Missing Windows 8 drivers

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To install missing drivers via Windows 8 Action Centre, all you need to do is navigate to the right bottom of the screen on your Windows 8 desktop and locate the small flag, the icon that represents Action Centre. After locating it, click on it to open.

Instruct the Action Centre to scan your system for missing drivers. After the scan, it will display the details of the missing drivers. You will also find the links to download the missing drivers in the same window. To download and install the drivers, click on the download link. The downloading time will depend on the speed for your internet connection. Once the missing drivers are downloaded, click on them and simply follow the on-screen installation instructions to proceed.

With the upgraded version launch at hand, many users are looking forward to upgrade to Windows 8, and this is certainly going to be an unprecedented Windows 8 milestone in recent months sales.