New Gadgets To Rollout In The Coming Months

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     Windows 8

If you are a hardcore gamer, there is some good news for you as the popular gaming accessories manufacturer Wikipad has rolled out a new strap-on controller that can be used with any device. According to the details posted in the Windows 8 versions blog post, the console controller from Wikipad contains two analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, and two more option buttons.

The President of Wikipad, Fraser Townley, released a statement about the new controller device saying, “We heard from many people who either expressed love for the Wikipad 7 or who already owned an iPad or an Android or Windows 8 mobile device and wanted us to make a controller that worked for them. We are currently working on versions for Windows 8 and Android devices.”

The device supports various Android, Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. However, the catch here is that the company has not announced until now when the device will be available in the market for public. Here we discuss about some other popular devices from different companies.

Hybrid Projector From ZTE

The popular smartphone developer and mobile data card manufacturer ZTE is currently working on making a hybrid projector Hotspot that simultaneously acts as a full HD projector and also serves as an LTE hotspot that can service up to eight devices at a time. The projector device from ZTE sports Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Operating System, HDMI-in, USB-A slots, and headset jack and audio output. The device also has a low pixel density four-inch screen user interface.

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      Versions Of Windows 8

The new in-car multimedia system from Sony christened as XSP-N1BT is the first double din cradle receiver to be docked in a car multimedia system. It is pretty easy to embed your phone to the phone cradle, just insert the phone in it and adjust the slider so as to lock the phone correctly to the device so that it will not fall off. Andrew Sivori, VP of the Sound Division at Sony Electronics commented about the devices with great enthusiasm. He was quoted saying, “Consumers are now using their smart phones as a primary music source in the car, in addition to accessing key apps and our new head units are designed to maximize smart phone capabilities while making control and operation more convenient on the road.”

Hope you now have some idea about the different devices available in the market for various Windows 8 versions and other operating systems available in the market.