Best antivirus for Windows of 2019


Protecting your computer or laptop is something that everyone should do to ward off malware, spyware, phishing or ransomware content. If you want to keep your device free of viruses, do not miss our ranking of the best antivirus for Windows this year. How to know if an antivirus is good? – To make this ranking of the 11 best antivirus this year, we have had the invaluable help of the AV-TEST Institute, an independent German organization that is dedicated to the analysis of antivirus, and the British computer security company SE Labs. Both companies are highly respected in the sector for the rigorous examinations they make of antivirus products manufactured by leading security companies. Its evaluation processes are made up of several levels. On the one hand, the ability of an antivirus to detect malware using rather traditional methods is examined . Its ability to stop attacks of new malicious content is then determined. It is also evaluated if it is capable of cleaning an infected PC.

Bitdefender Total Security (2019)

McAfee Total Protection

 Norton Security Deluxe

AVG Ultimate (2019)

 ESET Internet Security 11


1. Bitdefender Total Security (2019)

Available for both Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, the Bitdefender Total Security antivirus offers an excellent security package considered one of the best by several independent studies. Ransomware content is one of the biggest current threats, but this program already includes new features to defend your device against these attacks, using innovative technologies and new security layers. It also offers protection against the most intrusive hackers : protection of webcams, secure online banking , file destroyer and password manager. All this makes it ideal as an antivirus for families. As for the price, you can purchase this antivirus for € 39.99 and you will have protection for up to 5 devices for a year. The price varies proportionally when you add more devices and opt for 2 or 3 years of license.

2. Norton Security Deluxe

This list would not be complete without the presence of a classic in the antivirus sector: Norton Security Deluxe , owned by the American software company Symantec. Its great virtue is that it examines the programs while they are open. In addition, they do so without the user noticing, in the background, and only open their application when you have just downloaded a file. In addition, this app also allows you to control all the devices you have protected from your PC. To ensure that your online activity is secure, it has features such as a password manager and protection for web browsers. You will feel safe also against possible scams, as it analyzes suspicious pages that ask for personal information. This Norton product is priced at € 34.99 for one year and € 89.99 for two years and offers protection for up to 5 devices, whether Windows computers, Mac computers, smartphones or tablets .

3. ESET Internet Security 11

Affordable and with excellent results, the ESET Internet Security antivirus  is undoubtedly one of our favorites, with features as useful as a scanner for social networks or a manager to know the current state of security of your PC. The interface of this program is very simple, without frills, but this can lead to confusion. At first glance it may seem that this antivirus only offers basic protection, but in reality it is even capable of analyzing all your devices at once. The ESET package is capable of blocking web pages with phishing content and includes functions such as a spam blocker and a system to verify the content of your email account.

In order to enjoy all its advantages for 1 year, you must pay € 44.95 and have protection for a single device. If, for example, you want to use the antivirus on 5 devices, the price for 1 year will be € 105.27.

4. CCleaner Security Cloud

At first glance, there is nothing that makes us opt for the Ccleaner Security Cloud or the Ccleaner . Both have the main tools of an antivirus, so betting on one or the other seems like a good idea. What makes Security Cloud antivirus different is that it has a security technology that automatically adapts to your use. Thus, your configuration will be adjusted according to what activities you do using the Internet. This antivirus Ccleaner for mac  will also help you detect unauthorized devices or somewhat doubtful websites and block adware , as well as create strong and secure passwords and manage them efficiently. There are several options to enjoy this security. You can choose the plan for Ccleaner  three devices and one year (€ 69.99) or for five devices also for one year (€ 99.99). The family plan is priced at € 139.99 and includes 20 user accounts. Also Visit official website for more info –

5. BullGuard Premium Protection

Designed especially for homes, the BullGuard Premium Protection has a network scanner that will protect any device connected to the Internet, in addition to offering rapid malware detection . Another of the outstanding features is a search engine that will track any leaks made on the website of your name, email and bank details. It will also offer you advice in the event that your personal data has been violated. If you have children, you will be interested to know that the parental control option can be activated on the smallest mobile devices, with which you can see their calls, messages and photos, as well as control their location. For only € 31.48, you will have a 1-year subscription and protection for 10 devices. If you want to add 5 more devices, you will have to pay an extra € 10.60. You can also opt for a 2-year license.

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