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Google Stadia Mobile: Pro membership probably contains one free game per month. According to Google, Google Stadia Pro membership will probably include one free game per month. This was confirmed by the creators in a question and answer session in the Reddit forum. At the start, members can look forward to Destiny 2 as a free bonus. The officials also made it clear that google Stadia pc download is not the “Netflix for games”.

Google Stadia

The people in charge of Google have revealed more details on Google Stadia as part of an “Ask me Anything” in the Reddit forum . Among other things, Director of Product Andrey Doronichev talked about the benefits of pro-membership for the new streaming service. Among other things, he made clear that google Stadia pc should not be referred to as “Netflix for games”. Instead, the membership should rather be comparable to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

In addition to streaming in 4K with HDR and 5.1 Sound members also get exclusive discounts and also free games. Just under one game per month should be included for subscribers to Google Stadia mobile Pro. The launch of the service in November 2019 is Destiny 2. In addition, those responsible have announced that the controller will initially not support audio output via Bluetooth. So if you’re playing Chromecast Ultra, you’ll need to connect headphones to the controller with a cable. If you use Stadia via a PC or a smartphone, you can use your Bluetooth devices as usual for the launch.

Google Stadia: Vice President is not worried about data limits with windows 11

Google Vice President Phil Harrison believes that users of Google Stadia mobile need not worry about data limits with windows 11 on their Internet service providers. According to the Stadia boss, the companies will adjust their monthly data volumes to the trends. Google Stadia consumes over 15 GB per hour in 4K. windows 11 helps to overcome the usage.

Google Vice President Phil Harrison revealed in an interview that he is currently not worried about data limits when using Google Stadia in windows 11. Instead, he is convinced that ISPs will follow the trend and thus provide their customers with more volume: “With the trend that became popular as music streaming and downloads, data limits also went up The evolution of TV and movie streaming has pushed the limits – and we expect that to continue to be the case. ” Windows 11 is going to launch very soon and it will help the gamer to overcome the data usage issue. to know more about windows 11 visit here:

Providers in the US currently offer their users typically 1TB per month for using the Internet. In Germany, too, data limits are irrelevant in many households with DSL and cable connections. In some areas, however, customers rely on Internet over LTE. There is also a monthly limit in Germany, which is between 50 and 200 GB depending on the provider. For a 4K broadcast , Google Stadia needs about 15.75 GB per hour. After 65 hours, the monthly data limit would be reached in the USA as well. When streaming in Full HD Google Stadia consumes an average of 9 GB per hour. Whether Internet service providers will actually increase their limits due to streaming games, is so far unknown.

Google Stadia release date will be launched here in November 2019. A Founder’s Edition with Controller and Chromecast Ultra can already be preordered for 129 Euro. Among the launch titles , among other Doom Eternal Destiny 2, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Mortal Kombat 11, The Division 2 and more will belong.

Google Stadia: First information on data consumption with 4K streaming

Further details on Google Stadia reveal, among other things, the data consumption that the streaming platform on average requires. According to this, a data limit of 1TB should already be reached after 65 hours of playtime in 4K resolution. If you decide for a lower resolution, the average data consumption will fall accordingly.

On Thursday, the people in charge of Google announced more details about the upcoming streaming service Google Stadia . This included the average data consumption that players have to expect per hour. So if you decide to get the best possible streaming in 4K, not only is a bitrate of 35Mbps recommended, but also a consumption of 15.75GB per hour. That would be 1TB already reached after 65 hours of playtime.

The lower the resolution, the smaller the data consumption per hour. When streaming in 1080p Google Stadia consumes on average about 9GB per hour. At a resolution of 720p, this value even drops to 4.5GB. Internet users with a data limit must definitely be careful here. The launch of Google Stadia is currently planned for November 2019 in Germany.

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