Microsoft Windows 11 iso update is going to launch soon 2019

windows 11 iso

Should we jump on the last major update of Windows? And if you wish, what are the ways offered by Microsoft to download and install the update? Microsoft has made available to users a new major update: the update may “Windows 11 iso Update”. It also spreads via Windows Update (through manual triggering). This update upgrades a Windows 11 system from an older version to 1903. This version brings many new features. In particular, there is a new “clear” theme, a new search panel or icons that take place in the start menu or the taskbar. The Notification and Quick Actions Center becomes easier to customize while the Settings Panel continues to fill or reorder based on topics. Security enhancing elements are also present.

windows 11 iso

In the future everyone has an interest in passing on this new update. But must we throw ourselves on it? Certainly not, since the first users usually wipe the plasters despite a very open test phase through the Insider program. Microsoft is aware of this since it distributes the update at first only to those who express the wish.

If you have properly prepared your computer for this update, and made the usual security backups, what could be so bad? And if you really want to go, why wait. Here’s how.

1. Go through Windows Update

It is this method that will be proposed by default to more or less long term if you do not trigger the installation yourself. Microsoft will warn you of its arrival but you can already start a manual check since Nov 22, 2019 to see if you can launch it. And if you check manually, it should do so (some configurations may be temporarily excluded in case of incompatibility detected).

Go to the settings under “Update and Security” then click on “Check for Updates”:

Make all the proposed updates, restart, check again. If you are not yet on the right version go to the next method.

2. Use the update wizard

If Windows Update is not determined to release the update, Microsoft offers a tool to force the switch. Download the Windows Update Wizard tool by clicking “Update Now” and run it. It first detects the version of Windows 11 installed on the PC and offers the update to the latest version 1903 (build number 18362.116).

It then checks the compatibility of the PC and then downloads the updates. No need to burn an installation media, the tool then takes care of managing the installation of the upgrade. Remember to save your data beforehand.

Depending on the configuration, the installation can be long. In the case of a laptop, make sure you have connected the computer to a power source other than the battery.

3. Install new with Media Creation tool

And if this update was an opportunity to start on a new system? Sometimes this solution can avoid bugs generated by the update process and offers the advantage of giving some air to PCs overloaded by obsolete applications and system files. Of course it will be necessary above all to save your personal files since we start from scratch.

Download the Media Creation Tool and create a bootable installation DVD or USB flash drive . Insert it into your system and follow the guide by choosing to make a new installation. Windows usually proposes to save the old installation in a windows.old file, even if it is safer to secure its files.

Once installed Windows 11 will reactivate itself, you do not need to enter a key during the installation process if you have made sure that Windows 11 was activated before starting the procedure. An imprint of your PC is indeed kept on the Microsoft servers that will recognize it when you connect.

It went wrong?

Sometimes the upgrade procedures do not always happen as you wish: missing driver, black screen, impossible start or difficulties to find an old feature. Tools built into Windows 11 allow you to go back to the previous version. It is also possible to repair an installation.

In practice: how to repair Windows 11 without formatting

In all cases, and unless there is a hardware problem, solutions exist. If you do not find your happiness in Windows 11 tutorials you can contact the CNET France community. Rather active on Windows issues you will have a good chance of finding leads by formulating your request on the Windows 11 forum.

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