Microsoft Windows 12 functions and updates

Windows 12

Windows 12 has undergone significant system changes compared to conventional Windows, and I think it can be used in a comfortable environment. In the meantime, if you are using a laptop or tablet, the problem is that you have a battery. In fact, while Windows 12 is more convenient than conventional Windows, it seems that there is a tendency that the operating rate of the system is high and the battery is consumed quickly. Here are 6 tips that will last the battery of laptops and tablets running Windows 12. Very soon windows 12 release date will be confirmed.

Windows 12

Windows 12 Basic functions you can use

1. Turn off animation effects

Although Windows 12 uses attractive animations to improve design, animation naturally increases battery consumption. If you ’re on the go and you ’re stuck with the design, it ’s a good idea, but it ’s always a good idea to turn it off if your battery is a priority. For the procedure, open the start menu, click “Settings”> “Other Options”> Turn off the “Play animation on Windows” item. This disables the animation effect.

2. Disable resident apps

In Windows 12, there are many resident apps that run automatically when the computer starts up.
Some of them are unnecessary apps, so they’re just wasting battery power. Enter “msconfig” in the search box on the left side of the taskbar> Click “System Configuration” in the search results> When the System Configuration screen appears, move the top tab to “Startup”.
The list of apps displayed here is a resident app, which causes battery consumption. To disable it, click to select the app you want to disable and click “Disable” at the bottom of the screen. Changes will be reflected by restarting Windows 12 after it is disabled.

3. Use battery saver

Although it is a function already implemented in Windows Phone, a battery saver is now available in Windows 12. Battery saver is a function that activates when the charging is below a certain value and stops the background application to reduce battery consumption. The battery saver can be activated at any time, so it can be activated at an early stage, such as when the battery level is 50%.

4. Go to sleep frequently

The laptop and tablet power options include items such as shutdown and sleep. When not in use, try to sleep as much as possible. You can shut it down, but you can take the battery at a stretch by operating the system and starting various resident applications. Sleep is recommended because these actions can be minimized.

5. Adjust the volume

The volume is surprisingly blind in making the battery last longer. In fact, the sound output from the speakers consumes a lot of battery. Therefore, adjust the volume to a low level, or minimize the sound output with headphones or earphones. If you don’t need sound, turn it off.

6. Organize peripheral devices

Even if you don’t use home appliances, you can use electricity just by plugging in an outlet. If the USB port is full to connect a mouse or printer, the battery will gradually be consumed even if it is not in use. Furthermore, if you use a mouse etc., it will consume a certain amount of battery, so let’s make use of touch pad and touch screen as much as possible. just wait for the windows 12 release.

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